• The Cabin - Complete Shave System

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The Cabin - Complete Shave System

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Inspired by the soothing scent of cabin country, this unique blend of 100% pure Essential Oils is fresh and “woodsy”, with hints of sweet and spicy. Essential Oils included:

  • Black Spruce (steam distilled from needles/twigs)
  • Himalayan Cedarwood (steam distilled from wood)
  • Nutmeg (steam distilled from the seed)


    Handmade in Calgary, Canada, these all-natural shaving products are designed to take your shaving experience to the next level; no more dryness, redness or in-grown hairs. These luxury shaving products contain unique and skin-nourishing ingredients sourced from around the world. All products were developed with the support of shaving experts and barbers from across North America. With regular shaving use, these highly concentrated products will deliver perfect shaves for up to 6 months.


    Pre-Shave Oil – Lightly massage 5-7 drops into the face and neck before applying the shaving soap. The light oils moisturize the skin making it more flexible (reducing "drag") and soften beard hairs.

    Shaving Soap - Apply the shaving soap to your face and neck in a circular motion using a shave brush. The shave brush eliminates the need for including potentially harmful ingredients within the formula that are commonly found in mainstream canned shave foam. The shave brush also exfoliates the skin and lifts beard hair resulting in a more comfortable experience. The thick and luxurious lather will protect the skin throughout the shave and leave your face feeling hydrated throughout the day.

    Aftershave Balm/Face Moisturizer (Alcohol Free) - Apply a dime sized amount to your face and neck. The Aloe Vera Juice, Witch Hazel and Rose Water will soothe and prevent shave-related irritation, while the Argan Oil and Hemp Oil will moisturize and repair the skin. The Aftershave Balm also acts as an excellent Face Moisturizer and can be used daily.

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