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Learn to Enjoy Your Shave

If you aren’t already shaving with a brush and soap, you’re probably wondering why anyone would voluntarily spend more time each morning shaving.  First off, the actual process may take an extra two or three minutes…and there are several reasons why the extra time is a smart investment – below are our favorites:

1. Applying shave soap with a brush results in a smoother, less irritating shave:

  • When applying the soap to your face, the brush gently exfoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells creating a smoother surface in which to shave (i.e., your razor wont bounce around)
  • Lather is evenly distributed on your face helping to provide uniform protection and glide
  • The thin bristles lift your hair from your skin making them easier to cut
  • 2. Typical shave foams that come in an aerosol can contain special chemicals/ingredients that are required to preserve the product, as well as propel the foam out of the can. These ingredients, many of which are found in other common products such as anti-freeze, can be harmful to the skin

    3. It’s a top quality experience - ever wonder what kind of shaving products they sell in high-end stores? Take a look:

    In summary, there are almost no aerosol cans. There are; however, a lot of shave soaps/creams and brushes.

    Ever seen or heard of a Barber shaving a client with an aerosol can?  There is a reason for that. The difference in quality of shave and the post-shave feel will be noticed right from the start.

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