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Superior Performance

Just like a fine whiskey or beer, high quality ingredients and a perfected process will result in a superior product.  Skimp on the ingredients, or cut corners on the the process, and the product will suffer. 

The exact same logic applies to developing our products.

Below is more detail about why our products deliver superior performance:

QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Midnight & Two sources it's ingredients from around the world.  From Illipe Butter (Borneo, South Pacific) to Argan Oil (Morocco, NW Africa), only the best ingredients are used.  All are ethically sourced and sustainably harvested.   Because the ingredients are natural, other than allergies, it won't aggravate the skin like many of the synthetic ingredients found in common products.   

PERFECTED PROCESS - Assuming all the same ingredients, what makes the difference between a good cook, and a great cook? A deep understanding of the ingredients and timing.  Both of which can only be gained through experience.  Same applies to developing great products.  We understand our ingredients, and how timing and temperatures impact the end product.  Adding an ingredient too soon can result in loosing some of the ingredient's nourishing qualities.  While adding an ingredient too late may result in it not having enough time to completely "open up".  Perfecting the process has taken 1,000's of hours and 100's of formula iterations.  We chose to keep our products handmade, because, as with cooking, its an art, not a science.

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