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Our Story

In mid-2014, Founder Tim Gutwald had finally had enough. Like millions of men across the world, shaving felt like a daily chore. It was often uncomfortable and, on occasion, even painful. When he was a kid, he remembered having a sort of romantic idea in his head about what shaving would be like. It was a rite of passage - something that was uniquely “man”. That romantic idea quickly died.

Following an especially uncomfortable shave, he did some math. He estimated that he shaved 5 times a week for an average of 5 minutes. That was 25 minutes a week, 109 minutes a month and 1,300 minutes (21.5 hours) a year! How was something that men spent so much time of their life doing still so unpleasant? There had to be a better way. Tim spent the next few months thoroughly testing shaving products, both synthetic and natural, from all over the world and all different price points (from bargain to high-end luxury). The results were disappointing but identified a few things. In general, products made with synthetic ingredients caused significant skin irritation (dryness, redness). Natural products, though they seemed to decrease the frequency of irritation, were uncomfortable to use and didn’t always result in a clean shave. He couldn’t find any products that were both natural and high performing. There was a gap in the market. A gap that need to be addressed, and he would be the one to address it. Timing for this new venture couldn’t have been worse. At the time, he was working 12 to 14 hour days in corporate Finance … but he was committed. Each day he would get home to his small one bedroom apartment late at night, and often between the hours of midnight and two a.m., he would work on developing these products (the inspiration behind the name).

For six months, he tested unique and rare ingredients from all over the world, as well as worked closely with high-end barbers and shaving experts from across North America. Finally, after 100’s of formula iterations and 1,000’s of hours of research and development, he created Midnight & Two’s first product - the Shaving Soap. The product quickly gained traction online and in local retail shops motivating the development of additional products. For over a year and half, Tim operated Midnight & Two out of his small apartment during “free time”.

Over that period, the business grew significantly through word of mouth. In early 2016, the company had out-grown his apartment and a decision had to be made… and it was an easy one. Tim resigned from his corporate job, moved the business to a dedicated manufacturing facility and committed to running Midnight & Two full time. Today, Midnight & Two offers five unique product lines and is one of Canada’s largest producers of luxury, all-natural products. Our products have been featured in various prominent publications including Playboy Magazine, Sharp Magazine and The Globe and Mail.

Midnight & Two plans on continuing to innovate and grow with a strong commitment to using all-natural (skin healthy) ingredients, developing luxury-level performance and providing our customers with value.

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