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Focus on quality

Shaving - a true symbol of manliness.  An act all men used to enjoy and take pride in.  What happened?  

Aggressive and deceptive marketing is what happened.  Companies found out that it is extremely profitable to spend billions of dollars a year convincing the public they needed more blades, a vibrating handle and canned shave foam engineered by rocket scientists.  All these "technological breakthroughs" over the past 20 years have changed the way men think about shaving.  They have made shaving something men dread, as these "modern" products have made shaving less, and less comfortable (cheap ingredients/supplies = cheap results).  A major problem - most men don't realize that there is a better way...

When it comes to shaving, simple products and simple ingredients are, and have always been, the best.  At Midnight & Two, we are committed to providing you with the best.  To learn more about the company and how you can get a better shave, visit the "About Us", "Shaving With Brush/Soap" and "Shaving Tips" pages.


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