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Complete Shave System™

Are you ready to enjoy up to 6 months of comfortable and irritation-free shaves?

Shaving is highly stressful on your skin. Just think about it – shaving involves dragging anywhere from 1 to 5 blades across your face. If not done correctly, using the right products, tools and techniques, it can be highly uncomfortable and cause significant irritation. However, if done properly, not only will you look and feel better, shaving can go from feeling like a chore, to something you actually enjoy. Midnight & Two’s Complete Shave System™ (“CSS”) is specifically designed to eliminate any discomfort and irritation, so you can start your day with confidence.

Ask any experienced Barber and they’ll tell you that a proper shave involves three stages – preparation, the shave, and the post shave. So although each individual product can be extremely effective when used on their own, you will truly experience the CSS advantage when used together.



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