About Us

At Midnight & Two, we are committed to disrupting the men’s grooming industry. For too long, we have been mesmerized by the billion-dollar marketing campaigns of mainstream grooming products highlighting supposed “break-throughs” in technology. These campaigns have distracted us from the fact that most products have been steadily declining in quality – cheaper ingredients and increasing use of synthetics. We’ve decided to do things a little differently. We are committed to producing the best performing all-natural men’s grooming products on the market. Our products utilize unique and rare ingredients from all over the world, including Argan Oil from Morocco, Illipe Butter from South East Asia, Jojoba Oil from Israel and Bentonite Clay from the USA. We also utilize 100% pure essential oils (no synthetics) including Lavender from France, Black Spruce from Canada and Vetiver from India. All our ingredients are sustainably/ethically harvested and our formulas are 100% vegan. But most importantly, our products are designed to work. So, you can enjoy the experience while feeling good about what your putting on your body. Our unique products have been featured in various publications, including Playboy Magazine, Sharp Magazine and The Globe and Mail.

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