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  • Beard Balm - The Study (60ml)
  • Beard Balm - The Study (60ml)

Midnight & Two

Beard Balm - The Study (60ml)

$27.95 CAD

Inspired by the nostalgic scent of Grandpa's study, this unique blend of 100% pure Essential Oils (learn more) will remind you of leather bound books, musk and maybe even pipe tobacco.  Essential Oils included:

  • Vetiver (steam distilled from the roots)
  • Sandalwood (steam distilled from the wood)
  • Petitgrain (steam distilled from the leaves/twigs)
  • Lavender (steam distilled from the flowers)
  • Handmade in Calgary, Canada, our proprietary, Beeswax-free, all-natural Beard Balm provides strong, but flexible hold helping to keep stray hairs and fizz under control. It’s many nourishing ingredients also provide all-day conditioning to help repair damage and keep the beard feeling soft/silky.

    The combination of Candelilla Wax (sourced from Mexico) and Virgin Shea Butter (sourced from Ghana) provides firm but flexible hold while conditioning the deep layers of the hair. Organic Argan Oil (sourced from Morocco) rapidly absorbs into the beard helping to treat split ends and tame fizz. Jojoba Oil (sourced from Israel) and Rosemary Leaf Extract target the hair follicles beneath the beard promoting stronger, thicker and healthier beard growth at the source. Organic Coconut Oil prevents/treats dryness (the cause of dandruff) helping to eliminate itchiness. Bentonite Clay reduces shine and absorbs toxins from their hair and underlying skin throughout the day.

    Our internationally recognized scents are blended using 100% pure essential oils (no synthetic fragrances) ensuring a product that is safe and gratifying/nourishing to the beard/skin.

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